Arduino and Processing for Media Wiki

I was intrigued by the syntax highlighting on the Processing Wiki, so I went about trying to find a GeSHi (the syntax highlighting system for Media Wiki) syntax highlight file for both the Processing and Arduino languages.  I was successful, but the files were outdated and the colors were all wrong.  I went in and edited the colors and added some key words.  I have posted the files here: Arduino and Processing GeSHi.ZIP.  I have also created a demo here for your convenience.


To install, extract the zip file to the geshi folder were you have GeShi installed. More information is available here.


Calibration Program

We have finished the calibration program that Jim and I have been working on.  The program combines the use of the
encoders with a control box that I made.  The control box consists of two switches, one for the right side of the robot and one for the left.  So, the data comes in from the encoders while the robot is being controlled by the controller.

To calibrate the encoders the robot will be driven for a set distance and the encoder ticks it took to go that distance will be recorded.  Say the distance is 10 feet and the amount of encoder-ticks it took to that distance was 1,000.  So, the number of ticks per foot is 100.  From this we can find the speed of the robot in units we can understand. Read more of this post

Encoders Working

My encoders are now working! I am using US Digital encoders (the expensive kind) and they work great! I had a little
trouble getting the right encoder to work, but that is all over now. The problem was that I had forgotten to put a 0.1µF capacitor across the two motor leads, resulting in major electronic noise. The other problem was that there was no data coming in from the right encoder. It turned out to be a bad jumper. Read more of this post

New Pictures

I have new pictures of the Cone-Finder, if anybody is interested.

Read more of this post

Motors Working

I got my motors working! They only can be controlled by the delay function at the moment, but I hope to get them working with my encoders in the next couple days. I will keep you posted.

Last Shipment

I have recieved all the parts for my robot. All I have to do now is put it together!


I have ordered the last parts for my robot! I hope I have an easy time putting it together!

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